Music of SBAT 2 GXO: The OS

My latest music project was writing the soundtrack for an iPhone game, SBAT 2 GXO: The OS.

You can find more info on the game, and its creator, Cody Sandel, here. A full in game play through is available on the bottom of that page.

I had the freedom to compose, record, and produce the final product all from my home project studio. This is something I've always wanted to do and was lucky enough to actually have the time to do it right. The music was originally intended for the game only, but it became the soundtrack of the game's fiction, the void *universe. The end result was 3 original soundtracks, plus all original sound effects. Please enjoy the tracks below.

1) Welcome to Emission Control



2) Cowboy Coder


3) Bango's Jig


What did your home studio look like? What gear did you use?

You can check out my studio setup here