Ah, where the magic happens. No huge mixing consoles, racks full of vintage gear, mic lockers, or fancy isolation rooms. This project studio is really all that was needed for this particular project. Like many things though, in the end, it's not about the gear. It's about your creativity and how you use what's available to you. Getting gear is easy, exploring your talents is hard.


That said, talking gear can be quite fun! So let's run down what I use:


1) Roland RD-700GX Digital Stage Piano w / Supernatural Piano upgrade

I can't have a real grand piano at this moment, but this is a nice substitute. Great feel and acoustic piano sounds. It even has some non-piano sounds that I was able to use.

2) Dynaudio BM5A studio monitors w / BM9S subwoofer

Awesome speaker monitors. I can listen for hours without much fatigue. The small size fits the cozy space well. Incredible clarity.

3) Access Virus TI2 Keyboard

This virtual analog synthesizer has more programming ability than I know how to use. I just started getting into true synthesizers, i.e. oscillators, filters, and such. The tweaking possibilities are endless. I used this on every song and still have yet to tap all of its potential.

4) Yamaha Motif XS Rack

This sound module has great acoustic instrument sounds and there are many to choose from. The Motif soundset is very popular among musicians and for good reason. Most of the sounds in the project come from this module. I didn't want any of the Motif keyboard workstations so this was a perfect solution.

5) Mackie 1202-VLZ3 Compact Mixer

With all the sound sources in the studio, a mixer is very practical. I used this for monitoring playback sources and controlling speaker volume, not recording. Mackies have great sound quality. I'm a fan.

6) Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones

A decent pair of headphones always helps hear things a little differently than main speakers. Very helpful when mixing or recording with a mic.

7) Mackie Onyx-400F Computer Recording Interface

A clean recording interface is needed for any somewhat serious production. This has enough channels for my keyboards / sound modules to all record simultaneously and independently. It even has mic inputs, which I sometimes use.

8) Furman PS-8RII Line Conditioner

You can't have all this equipment without a surge protector can you? This goes further and conditions power as well. It goes even further than than by acting as a power sequencer. It has 3 stages that all go on sequentially so that the speakers don't go "pop" from electronics abruptly turning on / off. It always makes me think I'm starting a launch sequence, cool.

9) Apple MacBook Pro w / Logic Studio

Mobility helps when needing to go somewhere else to do recordings. This particular model is from 2008 and it's still powerful enough to handle all the software I used. Then there is the digital sequencing software, Logic. This is a very powerful piece of software and I was happy with the EQ, compressors, reverbs, and delay fx that were available to me.

10) Dell 24" Widescreen Monitor

You gotta have a nice and big screen to see all the tracks you are putting together.

11) Apple iPhone 3G

An old one for sure. Still very useful for hearing how the songs sound through the very limited iPhone speaker.

12) Tornado Cyclone II Foosball Table

An excellent foosball table. Not music related, but you've got to take breaks every once in a while.

13) Duke Nukem 3D Mouse Pad

Ah, nostalgia.

14) Me in a comfy chair

A comfy chair is essential but so is sitting in it. Making soundtracks takes time, and lots of it. It's easy to lose momentum and not know the best way to move forward, but you'll get there. Just keep at it, inch by inch, and before you know it, you'll have come a long way.



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