Welcome to Emission Control

The main theme of the upcoming iPhone game, SBAT2 GXO: The OS. Enter the world of Bango Blue, diligent in his work to keep his world free of harmful mining emissions. Accordion and tango-esque rhythm let you imagine a bustling facility while electronic sounds remind us we are surrounding by machines and energy.


Cowboy Coder

Inspired by the character of the Time Traveler. A futuristic robot that can navigate through time. The repetition of the electronic motif reminds us that we are dealing with events that are out of the ordinary, while the guitar and strings ground us in the personality of this character and his world. The sampled acoustic guitar was perfomed by the talented musician and song writer, Dennis Langevin.


Bango's Jig

Bango is our hero. The accordion guides us through his exploits and the orchestral strings convey movement and the progression of his actions and perception of the world around him.



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